Lane 8 – The Results

Guido Muller, Jack, Me
Guido Muller, Jack, Me

Lane 8 – The Results.  Folks want to know, “How’d ya do at the WMA Masters World Championships in Lahti, Finland”?

I did really, really well.  Superfantastic actually.  Beyond what I thought was possible this year.

However, I must start with the top line results:

BMI, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure – the big four.

All have been tracking at very good to excellent levels.

Do you know your big four?

I never used to, but the health experts say these are the top, overall health metrics we should discuss with our personal physicians.

Not long ago, I decided to get a handle on what these mean and why they are important.

How’s your handle on your big four?

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  Guido Muller, in the photo, set the M70 400 meters World Record, just minutes before the photo was taken.  His achievement has been compared to the equivalent of Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile barrier back in 1954.

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