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Hungry For Healthy Change?
Hungry For Healthy Change?


That’s all I can say.

Most, if not all of Lane 8’s focus has been centered around exercise, with hints and glimpses of diet and nutrition.

You care about your health. We all do. But if you are seriously interested in taking more control of your destiny, you really should watch this movie trailer.

I know you’re busy.  We’re all busy. But when you have people who are advocates for a better way, they actually do much of the ground work, so all you have to do is click “play”.

It’s short.  It’s powerful. It’s relevant. It premieres June 12.  The analogy is the same as what passionate people did to expose the tobacco industry, after decades of total political protection.

The food processing industry should be one of the next big targets to put in the cross hairs.

Click here.

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  1. Have you seen this movie yet?
    Meg & I just finished watching it.
    We’ve already made the switch to eat as much organic as possible.
    She’s even checked into where we can get our meat from a farm. That search is gonna take some refining, but we’ll get there…

  2. Wow, you’ve found an old post.
    Haven’t seen it yet.
    Will it disgust me, and everyone else?
    Congrats on your new lifestyle.
    Here’s to our health.
    Where did you watch it?

  3. 4:30am?!?! Holy Monkey!

    I remembered about it, because after you wrote the post, I saw the video on sale/display at our local Whole Foods Market.
    So, while we were watching the movie, I was reminded to search for your post about it.
    Looks like the movie was released last June, but still is playing in theatres around the country, at times. But at the same time, I think it’s been on DVD for purchase since November.

    We have a Netflix subscription, which we stream through our blu-ray player. Their streaming/online offerings cycle through every few months. Right now, Food Inc. is available on there, which is how we watched it.
    If you don’t have a Netflix subscription or don’t want to buy the movie, you could probably just get a 14-day free trial & watch it online, while it’s still available.

    It’s got the “unrated documentary” feel to it. So, not necessarily a family movie. The shocking news/stories give it the PG rating. Not sure what disgusts you, but they do show throat-cutting of chickens, the insides of slaughterhouses & the inside of a cow’s stomach (which is just a port/hole in the side of a live cow). Here’s IMDB’s parental advisory spiel about it:
    So, thematic material is definitely disturbing. But it is definitely very worth a watch for the adults of a household, just for the sake of awareness.

    I don’t think the movie inspires people to be vegetarians. Some may react that way, but more for dramatic reasons than logical ones. It’s obvious that the movie isn’t setting out to convert people to vegetarianism. But it does expose practices (HR, genetic modification & animal treatment alike) that inspire me to buy organic and buy locally. This goes for both vegetables and meat.

    I may be way off. And of course, this is pure speculation. But, since cancer is caused by mutated cells, it’s no wonder that it is becoming more and more commonplace, given all of the artificial stuff and genetically modified stuff that is in our food now. I believe the ultimate engineer is God. Humans just started changing stuff.

  4. Craig, wow. Thank you for investing your time to share all this great information. I’ll bet the right person at the right time will read what you wrote and have it be just what they needed to hear, and just where to go to continue their journey.

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