Diet And Exercise

Anti-Anything Unhealthy
Anti-Anything Unhealthy

Diet and exercise.

Why is this such a hard concept to grasp?

Diet and exercise are the keys to a healthier lifestyle.

Not a perfect lifestyle.

But a healthier lifestyle.

Why wouldn’t everyone want a piece of that?

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff, I think people fully understand/grasp the concept that diet and exercise are the keys to a healthier lifestyle.

    My opinion is that only 10% are willing to pursue the healthier lifestyle on their own…another 10% are doing it because they’ve had an eye-opening life experience.

    There is 10% that just doesn’t give a damn about it and the remaining 70% are content where they are.

    We need to do a better job teaching/training our youth the importance of diet & exercise so that it is routine or second nature.

  2. Skip, thanks for speaking up. That’s a big opportunity at these blogs – to start and maintain a conversation, amongst all of us, not just between me and the readers,

    I’m going to agree and disagree.

    Agree, there are three categories: optimist, fence-sitter, pessimist. And I’d say it’s roughly 20/60/20 division.

    Disagree, I don’t think people fully grasp the concept. Fully grasping it would make the difference, in my humble opinion.

    I think people are conditioned to believe they think they are content. Gonna call bull-rubbish on this one.

    Look at very young children on the playground. Almost without exception, they all run, climb, laugh, play.

  3. I concede that “fully understand/grasp” was an overstatement (I knew it would provoke you).

    I still think there is a sub category in the optimist group that is only new optimistic (near death experience that wakes them up and they become zealots because they want to live).

    Conditioned to believe they think they are content?……..maybe so.

    So lets start conditioning them to believe they will only be content if they are in optimal health vice good, fair, or poor health.

    Lets start at home…I suspect you have already done so.

    I will work harder at it in my home.

  4. I love to be provoked. It helps justify the whole “returning the favor” thing. 🙂

    Without being provoked or antagonized, we’d hardly ever consider putting up a fight for our values, beliefs and integrity.

    Provoke away (every one).

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