Did Ja?

After reading yesterday’s Lane 8 blog post, did you think long and hard about your health?

Let me guess, “No.”

What motivates you at work?  At home?

What demotivates you at work? At home?

You can use your answers to figure it out.  And that’s the bottom line isn’t it?

Figure it out!

No one is going to hold your hand.  You are an adult, fully and completely responsible for your health.


Late yesterday, I was on the phone with a great friend. We spoke for nearly 30 minutes about really significant, life “stuff”.  He’s a great listener, and he allows me to verbalize dreams, goals.

I dream of you being healthier than you are now. And doing whatever it takes to be your catalyst for positive change.

Almost 51, I practice what I preach.  Take a look. This was two days ago. How many 51 year olds can do this?

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  1. Jeff, what do you give up in order to be able to focus on your health?

    What don’t you do because you don’t have the time to do it all?

    What don’t you eat that you really miss?

    24 hours….8 hours of sleep leaves 16 hours….10 hours at work leaves 6 hours….2 hours of commute time leaves 4 hours for family time, chores (cars, house, yard, administration, bills, appointments, shopping, etc.), hobbies, meals, and down time (other than sleep).

    I think people many times put themselves at that bottom of the priority list when they are bombarded with life.

    By the way…very impressive video! Keep up the good work.

  2. Skip, you’re questions deserve answers. And I have them. Time is a bit short and I’ll get to the answers as soon as possible.

    It may be good to share your questions, along with the answers in a post.

    Meanwhile, in case that doesn’t happen, here’s the summary:

    I give up TV.

    We purposefully built our home close to Disney so our commute would be lessened significantly.

    I volunteer my time for things that we can do as a family, so that we spend the time together – there’s a time savings there, because our time serves multiple events.

    Our (two-acre) yard has been a complete and utter victim.

    I say no, a lot, to the many things I can not do. Haven’t accepted a leadership role in Cub Scout because I do so many other things with Chapin, Cheryl and our Church.

    I often eat meals in the car. Not proud or happy about that.

    Pizza, cheese, pretzels, chips and other processed snack foods are rare.

    Alcohol is completely out of the picture. Etc, etc, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah… man can I ramble or what?

    People put themselves down because they are weak. We need to take care of the Temple we’ve been given – Mind, Body, Spirit, Job.

    Society fuels the whole “work comes first” mantra, and the ready lure of materialistic accomplishments.

    Figure it out. It may take years. or even longer. Show younger (future) generations it’s possible to break free.

    PS. I remember when I could even get the legs parallel, let alone hold them there.

  3. Jeff — You continue to inspire me ever since I heard you speak at a ChildCare Conference last year in Orlando. I’ve written you once about work life challenges; my inspiration from that morning continues and since then I have lost 50 pounds, joined a gym and find exercise a regular part of my life. It is tough fitting it all in and I have let other things crowd it out at times but find I miss it. I am 52 and am about to embark on a 5k education with my 11 year old daughter where we are both going to learn to run together here in the great Pacific Northwest. I would have never considered something like this a year ago.

    One of my staff passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at 57 on a day off three weeks ago on his way to a guitar lesson. He never thought that day would be his last…nor did any of those close to him. Perspective changes in an instant.

    Next week I am bringing my family back to Orlando and Disney for a welcome week long vacation…along with millions of others the week after Easter but I will love every minute. Time with my family is quality no matter what and I have the stamina, motivation, and clarity fueling me now. My perspective was made crystal clear, front and center three weeks ago.

    Best Wishes!

  4. Mark, thank you for sharing your story. Losing 50 pounds. Wow! Amazing.
    You mention how challenging it is to fit it all in. This is the obvious truth that most people ignore or deny because it is so challenging to figure out.
    In fact, I don’t think we ever master it, because life throws us so many curve balls.
    However, we can master our attitude, or approach, to never give up.
    When we never give up, we figure it out.
    You have obviously done that for one year.
    Your continued opportunity will be to do it for two years, then three, then four….
    So sorry to hear about your co-worker. A routine day, doing routine things.
    I’m praying for his family and co-workers.
    Awesome to hear about your 5k with your daughter. Being a great role model doesn’t need to be complicated.
    And figuring out how to do things together is a bonus and really the key.
    Parents need to be visible. Congratulations for figuring it out.
    Have fun at Disney. Expect many others to have the same idea as you – “Let’s go to Disney World and have some fun!”
    Take care and thanks again for being part of Lane 8’s community.

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