Can’t Or Won’t?

It All Comes Done To Attitude
It All Comes Done To Attitude

Can’t exercise?

Won’t exercise?

Big difference.

By jeff noel

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  1. To this day my father will say “can’t means you won’t”.

    Can’t wasn’t allowed in my house.


    When I ran my first marathon I refused to walk a single step. I knew my father would ask me if I walked at all.

  2. Skip, what a testament to the power of teaching young people they have a choice.

    Well, in your case, your Father said there wasn’t any choice.

    And he operated your home with that attitude.

    Why? Because he knew how easy it is to choose the easy route – won’t.

    Can’t is the hard route. Won’t is the easy route.

    Our route in life makes all the difference.

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