Boost Your Willpower

The Road To Excellence Has No Finish Line

The road to excellence has no finish line.

This Everyday Health article basically says what I’ve been saying all along here at Lane 8:

  1. Pick one impossible goal, not several
  2. Start small
  3. Be creative with your motivation
  4. Find a million ways to keep it alive
  5. Don’t quit

Simple?  Yes.

Easy?  Not on your life.

By jeff noel

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  1. I’ve found out that I can’t workout for the sake of working out. I need to be working towards a goal by participating in an event – competing against myself.

    That being said, my first triathlon is March 20th, 8 days away. It’s a shorter “sprint” version, but will take me at least 2 hours to complete. My knees won’t permit actual running, so I’m walking the last leg. But at least I’ve pushed myself way past comfort level.

    I never (well, probably never) would have signed up without your motivation.

    I am, however, foregoing tomorrow’s 5K swim.

    Crazy helps!

  2. Sally, when people like yourself, say that they really didn’t want to push through something, and then they actually do it, well, that inspires me too.

    Who cares whether you run or walk? I don’t. You don’t.

    What we should both care about is our health. No matter what, we should care about that. And we do. What an amazing blessing it is to not give up.

    Bottom line, keep moving. Find your purpose and just do what you need to.

    Thank you for following these blogs, and thank you especially for being part of the community that interacts. It’s not a requirement, however, all readers benefit from the dialogue.

    Best wishes for a safe, healthy and fun sprint triathlon. Keep us posted. 🙂

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