Ever Think Like This?

At what point do adults shun regular exercise?

Basketball score board
Day to day, do you keep score?


It dawned on me last night as we watched the High School basketball game – many of the parents were athletes when they were in high school.

Every athlete on the floor last night played with lightning-fast reflexes and boundless energy.

At what point do adults shun regular exercise?


And what would their world be like if they didn’t?

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Dear Son

Dear younger me

Father and son
Yesterday, leaving school after Cross Country practice. He’s 16, i’m 57. He’s the master of the poker face.


Dear younger me,

You will be tempted by the devil to put off getting into good and decent physical condition. You will over come this, eventually, but it will take decades. In fact, you won’t become fully committed until you turn 40.

The devil will get pissed and then go all out to tempt you to believe you’re good to go. Meaning, now that you’re in decent shape, you can start to miss a few days here and there. Don’t fall for it. Too many missed days become an insidious habit that eventually sends you to the place you were before you started.

PS. By staying committed for a lifetime, you will be able to help your unborn child between his 15th and 16th birthdays to start his physical wellness journey by running with him – you will be 56 when this commences.


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As You Get Older

Remember when we were kids?

Usain Bolt vomiting after practice
World’s fastest human practices so hard he vomits.


Remember when we were kids?

Remember how it was when we walked onto a playground?

We are inherently made to move and have fun doing it.

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As You Get Older

Big change, fat chance? Heck no!

jeff noel at Disney University
Out for a jog yesterday through campus


Go big or go home?

Change our health, or go home?

Same thing.

Changing our health is going big.

So absurdly big.

Like being a teen again…. ah, 18 with 37 years experience.

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As You Get Older

Seriously, we no longer have the miraculous benefit of youth/growth

Las Vegas Airport gift shop
From terminal gate to taxi stand – passing by these things


Ain’t no glamour on the road. Exercise is challenging to come by also.

Figure it out.


Seriously, we no longer have the miraculous benefit of youth/growth.

And this goes for all of us, not just the frequent flyers.

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