i can’t physically do it for you

Arnold Palmer Invitational Bay Hill
The other day bicycling home from the gym. Stopping to take a photo here and there helps make the exercise more fun and diverse.


i can’t physically do it for you.

Someday, and i hope it doesn’t take you the 40 years it took me to figure it out, you’ll want to sell yourself on the fact that you are the CEO of You, Inc.

When you stop looking for others to change your circumstances and admit it’s your sole responsibility, your transformation will take place in a way you could have never believed possible.

Have fun with it.

Enjoy it.

Be well.

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You – Superhero or Villian?

I Can Fly
I Can Fly

Were you ever a kid?

Loaded question, right?  Of course.  We all were. So what’s the point?

The point is there’s a more important question, “Are you still a kid?”

Let’s assume we all say, “Yes, I’m still a kid at heart.”

Good, because kids dream of being a super hero, or being saved by a super hero.  Remember?  Well guess what?  If you are looking for a place to find your motivation, consider being a super hero.

You Can Observe A Lot

“You can observe a lot by watching.” – Yogi Berra

What did you learn from watching Germany’s Guido Mueller, age 70, break that world record?

I learned age is a state of mind.  And the longer you wait to believe this, the harder it must be to do something about it.

I also learned it’s better late than never – otherwise, my wife and I wouldn’t be parents.

What are you waiting for?  For the people around you, will you be an example, or a warning?  Carpe diem.