What, me worry?

Highline Trail in September
Glacier National Park (GNP). Highline Trail.

The time to worry about your health is when you don’t need to.


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Need Help Not Giving Up?

Would it be impossible without the exercise?

Run Disney Speaker
Walked the fifth mile (of 13) while inside Magic Kingdom.


Run Disney Speaker
Lower left, Magic Kingdom. Also ran through Disney University.


Orlando Disney Management Consultants
Two half marathons in three days.


With everything that floods our schedule with unexpected worry and challenges to solve – and challenges to let go of – how would we maintain our sanity without regular exercise?

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How Much Is Enough?

If you’re reading this don’t be sad or worried

baby Boomer running


(photo: Perhaps balance will prolong his time)

Life is hard. Everyone knows that.

When our four-year old Yellow Lab got sick this past summer and died 24 hours later, it was difficult (and still is) to tell whether it was denial or strength that prevailed afterwards.

Let’s go with strength.

And fast forward from July…

The doctor said he can’t say how much time is left.

If you’re reading this, don’t be sad or worried.

Of all the people that you know who realize that life is not a dress rehearsal and that the best way to approach life is to live like you mean it, none understand it more than the guy typing this.

Denial or strength?


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How Much Is Enough?

We worry all our hard work will erode away

Rainbow over Sanibel Beach


(photo: different rainbow from the beach, about 100 meters from our Sanibel cottage, 2009)

One of the most challenging things to do is slow down and take a break.

For like a week at a time.

We worry all our hard work will erode away.


Maybe not.

We will soon find out.

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Ever Think Like This?

When to worry and when to not

Actress in God's Not Dead
Worry leads to many other side effects, like doubt, anger, bitterness


Don’t worry if you don’t run. Only worry if you don’t do anything.

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