Similar Differences

The Beautiful Thing About Having Overcome Past Obstacles Is That Futures Obstacles Are Less Intimidating

The Finnish Olympian wanted to trade his Suomi (Finland) team jersey for my USA team jersey.

Couple things. Didn’t start running to compete, only to get healthy. Only started to compete (5k’s) to stay motivated and fend off boredom. Discovered age group competition completely by accident. It was fun. One thing led to another. Plus, I wanted to prove that Walt Disney’s business principals could work anywhere, even running.

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How Much Is Enough?

Can A Boomer Systematically Rid Themselves Of All The Excuses To Not Get Moving?

Sounds Exciting, But Looks Confusing & Chaotic

No plan for success will work if we don’t. How difficult would it be to make a list of the common excuses that keep us Boomers from being active? An excuse like: “I can not go for a walk four or five times a week”.

If my posts sound like I’m writing to an audience, I am, but it’s an audience of one. Me. Everyday it’s the same, find a million ways to not quit. We better be the first in our own line to volunteer to help ourselves.

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Health Is Wealth

Healthy, Active Midlife Baby Boomers Are Just A Bunch Of Lucky Showoffs

What a load of carp (yes, misspelled on purpose)

It would seem healthy, active midlife Baby Boomers (like jeff noel) are just a bunch of lucky showoffs. But from where noel stands, what is really happening is that living an unhealthy life seems so ungrateful to the gift bestowed us. Certain Boomers have no choice. No choice but to get and stay healthy. It’s the only way they can live with personal integrity.

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Ever Think Like This?

In A Perfect World, Spreading Our Energy Evenly On Life’s Big Choices Would Be Easy

Balance, In Nature, Happens Naturally

The thought of having to balance five big life choices instead of two. This is a different model than the traditional two-sided work-life balance mindset. And knowing how difficult it is to (try) to balance only two, comprehending how we could balance five is absurd. But this is what jeff noel proposes, what jeff noel does (pretty well, not perfectly) and what noel thinks the world ought to consider.

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jeff noel Lane 8 You Tube video on Hard Work

Orlando’s jeff noel, from Lane 8, You Tube video on hard work.

The other day jeff noel was at Dr. Phillips High School, at the Bill Spoon Stadium, running 400 meter intervals, in preparation for the 2009 Master’s Track & Field World Championships, in Finland.

I’ve found the harder I work, the luckier I get. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂