Ten Must Have Health Screenings

Find A Million Ways To Stay Motivated
Find A Million Ways To Stay Motivated

Today is short and sweet.  If you are a woman, or if you love someone who’s a woman, please make sure these ten recommended health screenings on the health radar.

Yes, life is insanely busy and challenging for most of us. This is one of the main causes of ill-health.

We all must find our own unique way of figuring it out.

Top Ten Wellness Tips

Everyday Health provides email articles, if you subscribe, on a comprehensive list of Health and Wellness topics.  Yesterday was The Top Ten Wellness Tips

May I summarize what they said with ten tips, and be so bold as to say there is really only one tip?


Be the model of great health and wellness. Show the people you love, your Family, that great health isn’t a myth, isn’t something reserved for athletes, or good genes.

And be honest too.  You will have to work very hard at it your entire life.  And if you are the model, how can people say it can’t be done?