When physically overwhelmed, do these five things…

Some view the summit from the bottom, some walk up, some run up… and some never leave home…

summit views

When physically overwhelmed, do these five things:

  • remember being healthy is a BFO – blinding flash of the obvious
  • recall how you feel when you are very healthy
  • every small step away from quitting is a good step
  • learn to live with never ending priority challenges
  • you’re doctor never prescribed no exercise and no sensible eating

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Why All These Questions?

Why do you exercise?

Why don’t you exercise?

Why do you eat such a healthy diet?

Why do you eat such junk food?

How long will you be able to maintain this routine?

When are you going to start?

What motivates you?

What are you afraid of?

Why?  When?  Where? Who?  How?

If you can’t answer these for yourself, then who else do you think is going to answer them?  No one?

No one! (exclamation mark)

One last question.

“Doesn’t this scare the heck out of you?”