Better than or about what you expected?

Watermelon 5k resultsBetter than or about what you expected? The annual Track Shack Watermelon 5k run had 4,000 runners and walkers. It’s become a tradition to start July 4th by running this hot and humid race. It went better than expected.

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PS. Traditions, fun, and goals are three great ways to stay motivated.

6 Reasons to Run Watermelon 5k

OK Now Focus, Speed, I Am Speed
OK Now Focus, Speed, I Am Speed

Heading to Orlando for the annual Track Shack 4th of July Watermelon 5k run.

Yeah, it’s a Sunday, and a holiday, and it’s early.

Having fun and staying healthy can sometimes feel like work, but mostly it feels like this:

  • Clothes that fit
  • Good health metrics
  • Good self-confidence
  • Not afraid of a bathing suit
  • Self-respect
  • Good role modeling

These are just a few of the advantages of hard work.

But you already know that.

Watermelon 5k?

Good Saturday evening.  Started the day very early and was downtown before 7AM to run the annual Track Shack Watermelon 5k.

It was my first competitive 5k in my new age group.  I’ll share more details tomorrow.  Gotta go for now.

Stay healthy, be happy. 

Happy Independence Day!  Carpe Holiday!  jeff noel  🙂