Health Is Wealth

Heart Disease

In 1999, turned 40, starting a new career as a Professional Speaker, I got a huge health-related wake-up call. Heart disease runs in my Family. My Grandfather died of a heart attack at 60. My Grandmother had two strokes and walked with a cane or a crutch the rest of her life.

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Our Body Is A Gift

Yet we ignore this priceless gift.

Well, we ignore it until we start to here from it.  Aches and pains. Wake up calls.

We can be fairly certain that these will afflict us all.  The question is, it seems, “Can we slow down, minimize, or stop altogether, these physical challenges”?

At 50, even though I’ve seen a lot, there is much that hasn’t been seen.  What I do know, is that trying is better than worrying.  At least if we get ailments, and wake up calls, we can live with the Peace that we did our best.