Mantra like you mean it

Dedication and hard work often yield trophies.

Mantra like you mean it.

For example, for many years during my thirties i awoke and immediately and repetitively said to myself (not aloud):

i feel happy, i feel healthy, i feel alive.

Deep into the Walt Disney Resort operations life, decent sleep, regular exercise, and balanced nutrition was non-existant.

It was necessary to battle against this physical imbalance with a mental over-balance.

The years of mantra-ing helped me stay in tune with being physically out of balance and helped me reach a “wake-up call” tipping point that didn’t arrive until 1999 (at age 40) when i left Disney Resort Operations for Disney Institute.

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By The Way, You Gotta Want It Really Bad, Or Nothing Will Work

Simple, Key, Repeatable Messages, Images, and Metaphors. You can do this too!

Never get bored with the basics. Motivation is like a fire, we must continue to add fuel or the fire goes out. Be the change you want for your family. Just do it. Fail, yes. Quit, never. Rest when you’re dead. If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough. Dream big. Get there. Stay there. Go!

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On The Run?

Not as in running, jogging, sprinting.  On the run as in a hurry.

Spent four days in Anchorage, Alaska and did not exercise.  Not by choice.

Got back late last night early this morning.  There is no exercising this morning either.  Five straight days without exercise.  I feel the pain of everyone who struggles to make physical wellness a priority.

There is no easy way.

Well, actually, there is an easy way – simply don’t worry about it until the phone rings, “Excuse me, it’s for you.  It’s your wake up call”.