Lane 8 What You Should Know

Can’t explain how my brain works, all I can tell you is that it is constantly turning, churning and burning.  So, this morning, like every morning after the initial routine is done, the process of writing five daily blogs begins.

Lane 8 is third in the order in which I write the five daily blogs. Stay with me, there’s a point to this.

Arriving at the WordPress Blog admin page, I create “a blank sheet of paper“.  Then I pause, think about what to write and get started.  Usually, something from the day before, or something from today’s agenda, is where the inspiration comes from.

Today is a bit more unusual. Click here to see what inspired today’s post.  Make it a GREAT day. It’s completely up to you, isn’t it?


Tell Me Again About Lane 8

What is Lane 8?  I’m sort of confused about Lane 8.

Okay, Lane 8 is about the physical gifts we have been given – our body and all the things that make it work.

How we take care of it is our responsibility.  No one else.  Ours!  We own it.  Or not.

At 50, I’ve found that taking care of this “gift” is increasingly more challenging.  As we age, if we get that privilege, we experience things that no one talks about with any decent wisdom.

Part of my vision at Lane 8 is to help people make common sense, common practice.  And, um, oh yes, one other thing – to help people not only get motivated and reach a great health goal – but to stay there.  That’s the key.  Staying healthy.


What’s Impossible?

What is impossible?  Almost everything, right?  Our goals, our ambitions, World Peace, eliminating poverty.

What is possible?  Ordinary, average, common, within reach, comfortable.

If people only focus on what’s impossible, they won’t focus on what is possible.

Did you catch that?

If people only focus on what’s possible, they won’t focus on what is impossible.

It’s a catch-22 isn’t it?


Been To jungle jeff Lately?

Today would be a decent day to venture over to jungle jeff’s blog.


Because today’s message at jungle jeff is very relevant to what Lane 8 is all about.

Setting goals, achieving goals and sustaining those goals.  Modifying or changing our lifestyles to a more desirable, healthier state.

Motivation is the key.  But many people have false notions about motivation, inspiration and even excitement.


Reality Check

Reality check.  Being on the road all week has taken a toll on my wellness efforts.

Lack of sleep, lack of exercise and lack of proper nutrition adds up quickly for my body.  At 50, routine is more important than ever.

An object in motion, tends to stay in motion.  An object at rest, tends to stay at rest.

Which one are you?  Which one am I?

Our health and overall well-being are completely dependent on us to figure this out and make it work in our busy schedules.

No excuses are acceptable.

Gotta go.  Time for a much needed run.