If your goal isn’t impossible…


Enjoy the video and remember…If your goal isn’t impossible…

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.


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18 days until it starts

Are you self-motivated?

No, seriously.

Do you talk to yourself?

Do you allow the long list of limitations to influence the height of your goals?



Stop it. Okay? Just stop.

January 1, 2015 is 18 days away (yes, this won’t post until March 23 – decided long ago to not let a unique posting schedule be a limitation.)

Who gives a crap if you’ve struggled your whole life?

Totally get it. Been there… and still…

And everyday after waking it’s back to the salt mines of kicking doubt and fear’s ass butt.

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Do you give the middle finger where you come from?

Do you give the middle finger where you come from?

I’m from York County, Pennsylvania. Which seems insignificant, except that our Mid Life Celebration Guest blogger Lorie Sheffer has a direct connection to Amanda Weaver (in the video), and I have a direct connection with Lorie.

And yesterday was our Son’s 7th colonoscopy. He turned 13 three days prior. Do the math.

Amanda was a recent college graduate, a healthy, active varsity basketball player.

And then she gave colon cancer the finger. Big time.



Giving Cancer the Middle Finger from Ty Morin on Vimeo.

Health is wealth. We know this, but we are so dang busy attending to life’s fast pace that we put things off.

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