Do you have a Urologist?

mistakes quote
From an email yesterday. Mistakes are a wonderful teacher.


As we age, we have an incredible opportunity to be proactive.

And yet this opportunity is rarely taken.



But it’s not the end of the opportunity.

Better late than never.


Do you have a Urologist?

Saw mine yesterday at 8am.

We meet every six months.



Best patient?

That’s what Dr. Kata said as i left yesterday.

He was repeating what his nurse told him.

Karma helps our physical well being.

It’s good to be reminded of that occasionally.

Apparently, while my vitals were being checked, our conversation made an impression.

A positive blind-spot and a wonderful way to start 2018.

Later in the (frigid cold, blustery) day, rode a bicycle 14 miles roundtrip to get new eye-glasses adjusted. The ride was welcomed since rain cancelled out the normal 25-mile roundtrip ride to the gym.


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Lane 8 Hypocrite

Lane 8 Hypocrite?
Lane 8 Hypocrite?

Maybe. Maybe not.

On January 5, 2009 my Family Physician wrote a script for a routine colonoscopy, since this is the year I turned 50.

Well, here we are, almost January, 2010 – a year later.  No colonoscopy.  Not even scheduled yet.

How in the hell can that happen?

Simple.  You already know, don’t you?  We get busy.  Distracted. Paralyzed – with the fear of making a commitment.

So, please know I ain’t perfect.  Big dreamer?  Absolutely.  Perfect?  No way.

But if you look at the batting average, it represents a decent overall “practice what you preach” reality.

How’s your batting average?