Running and Biking mashup

Running and Biking mashup.

Stopped running three months ago and replaced the cardio with biking.

This is the longest i’ve refrained from running since 1999.

Last month’s MRI showed my right ankle and foot are normal.

So, using Disney creativity, i’m trying massage therapy, which is an angle i’ve always thought of but never thought i could invest in. Massage Envy is my partner and i’m only one massage into it.

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The long way is the short cut

First of three 4+ mile walks around Disneyland on this day.


The long way is the short cut. Ran a very slow five-miler this morning before sunrise. First time running in new shoes. Walked about 40 miles at Disneyland, plus 60 miles logged walking in Orlando prior.

Because of foot challenges, have been wearing trail running shoes for 12 years. The new shoes are a dramatic departure. This could cause new foot injuries if the adjustment is not gradual enough.

One hundred miles was a great break in effort. No issues on today’s run.

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