No enforcement is necessary

Goofy water skiing
Screen shot from a friend’s Facebook update yesterday. Turning down free education is a goofy habit.

No enforcement is necessary when you are properly motivated.

Growth happens only when you want it bad enough to change your habits.

The exception to this is a wakeup call. However, a wakeup call has a short shelf life and after you’ve accepted (and gotten used to) whatever it is that brought you to your knees, odds are against you transforming – perhaps your odds are the biggest wakeup call of them all.

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The smallest of metaphors

Drawing of lower leg muscles, rear view.
First person i see at gym was Charles, a personal trainer and decent artist. He says it’s my soleus.


The smallest of metaphors happened yesterday four miles into a planned seven miler.

An easy run with a pace fluctuating between 8-10 minutes per mile, a small pop in lower right calf. Did i tear a muscle? Felt like it. Walked (gingerly at first) the remaining three miles.

The metaphor?

Out of nowhere, something happens that we never saw coming, carrying with it the power to derail our plans – in this case, derailing hopes of ramping up my speed work.

In real life, it could be a bring-you-to-your-knees wakeup call.

No warning.

Caught off guard.

Changes everything, and potentially floods overwhelmes us with regret.




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A sure test to see if our life is balanced

iPhone screen shot of home screen


(photo: Pacific Standard Time, above at 3:49am, is really 6:49am EST… on one coast a bit late to start the day, on the other, a bit early)

A sure test to see if our life is balanced is the way we feel, and how we respond, when our clock awakens us for a brand new day.

Snooze button?

Or, “Thank goodness it’s time to get up”.

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