Spring Fever?

Disney’s PhotoPass Cast Member created some Magical Moments by spending time with us because we had a fever?

Spring Fever?

Of course.

It’s part of Nature’s way.

Nature has been doing things for much longer than humans have roamed the earth.

Nature knows what it is doing.

Humans work hard to tame the savage beast.

But killing is how a carnivore lives.

COVID-19 reminds a lot of people how lifestyle is like a carnivore on the prowl for a meal.

A distracted lifestyle is exactly what a carnivore looks for first when hungry.

Yes, Nature can be brutal.

And in a way, we can be brutal to ourselves.

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Why is America so unhealthy?

Dumb question parody
Two days ago in a Sanibel Island restaurant.


Dumb question?

Why is America so unhealthy?




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i am unhealthy

Walt Disney quote about Disney World
In 1999, i never imagined a decade later where running would fulfill a childhood dream.


i am unhealthy.

So on April 15 (tax day), 1999, i began ‘running’.

It consisted of jogging from our mailbox to our neighbor’s mailbox – about 100 meters away.

One mail box a day for a week. The pace was slower than walking.

The second week i jogged two mailboxes a day.

Third week, three mailboxes. Fourth week, four mailboxes.

It took one month before i was jogging the equivalent of one lap around a High School track.

Ten years later, i found myself at the 2009 Masters Track & Field World Championships (in Finland) in the M50-54 400 meters.

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Are you in a portable prison cell?

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Are you in a portable prison cell?

Do we ever pause long enough to ask, “Yes or no?”.

If you get caught doing illegal things you go to jail. But what if you could stay one step ahead of the sheriff?

Eventually we get caught.

It’s like this: Years of consciously neglecting our health and we’ll go to jail as well. The prison cell is portable though. It’s called a human body.

There is no escaping the law of neglect, apathy, fear, pain, sacrifice.

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