Dear Son

Uncertainty is certain

Rising Sun Motor Inn boarded up for Winter
Rising Sun Motor Inn boarded up for Winter.


Uncertainty is certain.


Weather is unpredictable.

Build your life like you’d build a home – able to withstand the worst of conditions.

Severe storms, hurricanes, drought, flood, etc.

Your health.

Build it so it can withstand “stormy weather”.


Because you know it’s coming.

PS. 159.5/9.0

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Health Is Wealth

Today is an unexpected opportunity

Apple Health App
Haven’t used Apple’s Health App yet.



Today is an unexpected opportunity.


Because earlier this week, i thought our flight was today.

It’s not.

It’s tomorrow.

Today is Friday, a workout day.

What a wonderful gift.

This discovery reduces the break from exercising by two days.

Instead of “resting” for 13 days, it will only be 11.

Do you know your body well enough to know when it feels like starting over, and when it feels like a good rest?

Ten days is the longest i want to go without exercising.

Thirteen days is something i swore will never happen again.


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A brief, but surreal moment

Mid Life Celebration HQ
About 98% of the 12.5k+ blog posts have been written from here.


A brief, but surreal moment…

Sure, the sunrise was spectacular.

But the office window – looking in from the outside – stopped me in my tracks for a moment.

And i thought to myself, “This is were it all began. And this is where it continues to thrive.”

From the road the window seems ridiculously insignificant.

But it didn’t seem so in that moment on the roof.




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Besides Diet & Exercise

Unforeseen setbacks are part of the deal

Disney Wellness Keynote Speakers
Gold’s Gym abdominal incline bench.


Unforeseen setbacks are part of the deal. Will visit the podiatrist this morning, without an appointment, hoping to be seen by Dr Wagner.

Most likely a tiny cyst putting excruciating pain on the ball of the foot.

No 10-miler today.


Was planning, after a few warmup miles, on a one-mile time trial – the foundation of speed work.

Nationals are in four months. No time to waste.

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Buzz Worthy?

Ever go in for one thing but walk away with something completely unexpected?

Granite stone walkway under construction
One brick at a time creates a finished product


Ever go in for one thing but walk away with something completely unexpected? If it’s negative, it can bring us down. Quickly.

If it’s positive, it can go as far as making us soar.

Last night a (great) friend I rarely see was at the gym. He initiated a meeting.

And said something, with conviction, that I needed to hear.

Funny how little things can ignite a fire.

While I won’t share what he said, you can count on the hope that you experience (and pay attention to) these seemingly insignificant cues.

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