Crazy Boys

It wasn’t until Junior year (1979-80), back at Ramsey Hall – where I worked with Cheryl (who was engaged to be married to someone else) – that us crazy boys formed an ultimate Frisbee team and became All-College Intramural champions.


Our team name came quickly and easily, The Village Idiots – after watching endless episodes of Monty Python’s Holy Grail. We went on to defend out title the next year too.

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Princeton Relays

Sophomore year (my final track season), West Chester State College’s track team drove two hours to New Jersey for the Princeton University Indoor relays. In the crowded, sweat-filled team van, slowed by Princeton’s spring break traffic, it happened.

Caught the first glimpse of ultimate Frisbee. The Ivy-League school boys made it look so cool. What a chick-magnet, to be able to do that.

None of the dorm buddies ran track, so upon returning to Ramsey Hall, it was my moral responsibility to teach those sun-worshipping, beer-loving disciples.

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