May i still possess an adventurer’s spirit

Disney Employee culture speakers
Stumbled upon this 1982 gem.


Prepping for a keynote speech next week and searching 1982 photos from my first days at Walt Disney World and stumbled upon this one from a cross-country bicycle trek.

Departed Philadelphia for places South and West.

i knew the $75 cash i had wouldn’t last and was excited for the adventure in how i’d learn to manage.

Headed South because it was early October and warmer weather seemed smart.

West because my best friend was living in Washington State.

Cash because i owned no credit card, nor did i have a bank account with money in it.


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It’s always easy

North Carolina Mountains


(photo: first glimpse from our friend’s back porch)

There was time yesterday morning for a 30 minute run before dropping our son off at middle school on the way to the airport.

It would have been easy to skip the run because we left the house at 8:00am.

It’s always easy to skip a run when our day starts early. Always.

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Stay Healthy, Have Fun And Keep Moving Forward

Stay healthy, have fun. Brought an assistant (11) along on his 1st business trip.
One of my assistant's duties was to digitally capture the Senior Games story.
He did an excellent job on his first day.

Boomers, staying healthy is key to enjoying age group competition. But physical health isn’t the only thing Mid Life Celebration focuses on. Like many Boomers nearing retirement age, jeff noel operates a Health and Wellness business as a speaker and writer. Attending the Huntsman Senior Games was his son’s first business trip. When you stay with something long enough, opportunities you never dreamed of are placed in your path.

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