Leave a trail of recordings

Jody Maberry hosts If Disney Ran Your Life. He was a Park Ranger for 8 years. He hosts Lee Cockerell’s Creating Disney Magic podcast. Photo: August 2019 in Glacier National Park.

Leave a trail of recordings.


Also, we are discussing where to start recording Season 5, Body.

Top choice was Lahti, Finland – home of the 2009 Masters Track & Field World Championships. Had the privilege of representing Team USA in the M50-54 400 meters. However, cost, and freezing cold in February, make it a no-go.

Next is Eugene, Oregon.

Also known as Tracktown, USA.

Eugene is also home to Hayward Field, the site of the 2020 Track & Field Olympic Trials. Only five hours from Jody Maberry’s home.

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As we seek motivation, we can strive for simplicity and effectiveness

jeff noel's mile time trial time
October 11, 2013’s goal was a 6:40 mile


Ran this morning before writing. And the running has been a struggle since the letdown of not going to Nationals – remember the double inguinal hernia repair two weeks before the meet back in July?

As we seek motivation, we can strive for simplicity and effectiveness. Nationals is the only meet I plan to run and set a goal for. One year, one race. It’s enough.

One year, no race.

No worries.

Twice this week did two 800’s at 3:20 pace, with a five-minute rest in between. This was a post surgery ability stretch. An hour ago I decided to do a mile time trial and shot for 6:40, which is back-to-back 3:20’s (with no rest in between).

The time above shows the results. Motivation is like a fire and we must constantly add fuel to it.

You get this, right?

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