Christmas festivities will be filled with so much food it’s literally overwhelming

Marijuana socks
Two days ago waiting at Quest Diagnostics for a blood draw.


Back in the day (pre-1900), merely living was exercise enough. And you ate whatever you could find.

Today’s traditional Christmas festivities will be filled with so much food it’s literally overwhelming. Doubtful many of us will exercise today. Hoping to be an exception.




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Lane 8 Business Cards

5,000 Lane 8 Business Cards in Finland
5,000 Lane 8 Business Cards in Finland

Lane 8 business cards have a unique beginning.

Do you have interesting stories about important moments in your life?

If so, then you realize that if we don’t find a way to capture that moment, it will disappear and be forever lost.

Great companies do this. Great Countries do this. Great religions do this. Holidays, milestones, traditions.

Three days before flying to Helsinki, Finland, it dawned on me that there were going to be 5,300 athletes from 80 countries and untold spectators. I needed business cards. Lots of business cards.

“Okay, you don’t have much time”, I said in a panic.  “But you do have an enormous opportunity.”

I cut out a handful of business card size pieces of card stock (my wife always has stuff like this on hand).

In only three tries, I had what I wanted.

My wife commented that even the edges I had drawn weren’t straight.  “Perfect“, I said.

Two days before the leaving the United States, I asked Kinkos/FedEx how much for 1,000 or 3,000 cards.  And then I said, “How much for 5,000?”

The rest, as they say, is history.

Lane 8, Finland, 2009
Lane 8, Finland, 2009

Did the Pilgrims Exercise?

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

This made me laugh when the thought came to mind, “Did the Pilgrims exercise?”

Next thought was, “Who cares, right?”

And then, “Their whole life was exercise.”

And finally, “How selfish is it to live a life of ease?”

Ya with me?


Friday we went to Twistee Treat, like we always do, and our order came out the drive thru window, like it always does (without ordering).

The friendly Twistee Treat employee, Lori (may or may not be her real name), asked, “How’d it go?”

We’ve been going to Twistee Treat for four years and Lori was always there on Mondays and Fridays.  For the past year or so though, Lori has a different schedule, we rarely see her.

Quickly, my brain started working overtime to remember what Lori was referring to.  Nothing.

So I sort of embarrassingly asked Lori, “How’d what go?”

“The track meet.”

Then it hit me.  I gave Lori a Lane 8 business card at some point and must have described the Lane 8 vision.  You know, “If your goal isn’t impossible….I don’t care if I get the worst lane and come in last.”

Because I’ve had time to process, and have overcome the reluctance to just spit it out, I was able to come right out with it, “Forty-third.  In the world.”

“There were 5,300 athletes from 80 different countries.  In my event (400m) alone, there were 63 athletes aged 50-54.  Eight of them were Americans.  Seven made it to the semi-finals.  I was the one that didn’t.”

43rd. In the whole world.  Ya with me?