Annual Track Shack Watermelon 5k 2015

Track Shack Watermelon 5k 2015
Track Shack 2015 Watermelon 5k tee-shirts.


Track Shack Watermelon 5k 2015
Yesterday at packet pickup.


Annual Track Shack Watermelon 5k 2015 this morning at 7am.

An hour drive, a 5k warmup, then the actual 5k.

Coming off the two week slow down from mystery pain in right calf.

Since running intensity has been way off, maybe the ‘rest’ will make the 5k ‘interesting’ (fast).

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Have a nice run

Track Shack parking in Orlando


“Your calves are tight”, said Track Shack owner Betsy Hughes.

Just when you think your chronic injuries are subsiding to the healthiest you’ve been in five years, a new challenge. And you were so excited about this year’s opportunities:

  • April 11: Annual Windermere Run Among the Lakes 5k.
  • May 30: Central Florida Gliders Open and Masters Track meet at Lake Brantley High School.
  • June 20-21: Florida Sunshine State Games Masters Track Meet, Punta Gorda, FL.
  • July 23-26: Masters Track Outdoor National Championships, Jacksonville, FL.
  • August 4-16: Masters Track World Championships, Lyon, France.

It never ends, the constant struggle.

Deal with it.

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Your pace or mine?

Track Shack, keeping Central Florida fit since 1977…

Track Shack history

Track Shack history

Your pace or mine?

Insight: This has no subliminal meaning. It’s intent is to showcase even the slightest creative adaptations can be fun and powerful… with a saying, or motivation to not quit.

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He Asked Me Yesterday

Just Move It
Just Move It

He leaned over and said, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure”, I said without hesitating, so I stopped typing on the keyboard and turned his way.

He continued, “One of my bucket list items is to do a race and I’m not sure what distance to choose”.

I suggested a 5k, and gave him Track Shack’s website. He’ll walk his first 5k, and if he’s really lucky, he’ll become motivated to do another.

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