Need Help Not Giving Up?

Of course change is challenging

IPad Pro
Ever smaller, and more powerful and more capable.

Found a list from 2008 while sorting through old files last night. It’s context nuetral, meaning it easily adapts to wellness.

  • Be fully present
  • Be self-responsible and self-challenging
  • Lean into discomfort
  • Take risks, make some mistakes, and then let it go
  • Be open minded

•  •  •  •  •

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Staying Motivated

Staying motivated looks easy for motivated people

Disney's Magic Kingdom entrance at Halloween
Yesterday at 8:05am.


Yesterday’s running route came down to one simple question:

Should i run to the High School or to Disney’s Magic Kingdom?

Staying motivated looks easy for motivated people. But trust me, motivated people are using every trick in the book – plus inventing things – to keep motivation (and progress) alive.




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Common Sense Is Elusive

Neither the preacher, nor the small audience offered up the obvious

jeff noel running near Walt Disney World
The ripple effects from exercise are astonishingly deep and wide


Yesterday, listened to an evangelist preach practical tips for how to become much better at doing a certain thing that everyone else in the industry. Neither the preacher, nor the small audience of 30 very bright and experienced people recommended exercise.


Wow, that’s funny.

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Why didn’t I speak up? By intentionally remaining quiet, the opportunity was provided for someone else to showcase their wisdom (which most people of this caliber really enjoy doing).


Health Is Wealth

Three quick thoughts to inspire us today

person's nose
Um, you tawkin’ ta me?


Three quick thoughts to inspire us today:

1. Did I exercise today?

2. If I didn’t yet, do I plan to?

3. Am I satisfied?

Wishing everyone the best.

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Comeback 2013

What do we use to stay motivated?

In life, what do we do when we start out too strong, and feel like we can’t finish?

Same thing in a race. Back off some, regain our composure, then keep going.

Two mile combined split 13:47… the goal at this point was 14:15 (two miles at 7:15 and 7:00).


iPhone screen shot of 5k mile splits
5k: 1st mile 6:39, 2nd mile 7:07


So I stopped and walked for half a minute.

What do we use to stay motivated?

Eyes always on the goal.


Windermere 5k 50-54M race results
5k goal was sub 22:00


Breaking 22 minutes felt like victory, even though walking felt like failure.

Keep going.

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