Comeback 2014

Competing only with ourselves is still a competition

Central Florida Lake and clouds from Delta jet
Only 20 minutes from landing and being able to sleep at home – priceless


Stay healthy. Have fun.

Competing only with ourselves is still a competition.

Will take anything near 22:10 in this morning’s Windermere Run Among The Lakes 5k.

Yesterday’s long trip home from Winnipeg was safe and easy.

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Comeback 2014

A 5:53 mile ain’t bad at this stage in the comeback

iPhone stopwatch mile split
Real life in real time… in-the-moment moments happen constantly


What if we had a great reputation with ourselves?

You know, that first thing we think of when we think of ourselves.

For example, our ability to do what we say we’re gonna do.

But our dreams are crazy. Tiring. Mundane even.

This is a long hard journey.

Too long.

Too hard.


A sub-six minute mile does not fall from the sky.

Wanted a sub-six. Delivered a sub-six.

Do what we say we’re gonna do.


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Comeback 2014

What if we went over by three seconds?

Snow White at Epcot
We are being watched all the time, even when running (quickly)


What if we went over by three seconds?

If we tried to do something in six minutes or less and didn’t, would we be disappointed?

So yeah, let’s take a 6:03 mile as not meeting the goal but close enough.


Because coming back from injury, off-season, or any other reason, is a process that can not be rushed.

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Ever Think Like This?

We must beg, borrow, even steal sometimes in order to get…

Delta first class seats hidden faces
The bottoms of the Delta first class cabin seats seem astonished at the news…and seem to be gasping, “oh no!”


We must beg, borrow, even steal sometimes in order to get the time to be active.


Even those that make it look easy must do this.


Because it is never easy.

It costs time.

Whether you are motivated or not, there is a price to pay.


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What's Our Obligation?

Our goal is to have very few days, if any at all, like this

Mid Life Celebration excerpt
Work will always be one of the highest ranked excuses for not exercising.


Ran for an hour yesterday. Ran 50 minutes the day before that.

While running, thought this morning would be another great opportunity for a long, slow run.

Awoke at 2:30am and it’s now six hours later.

No run.

Time for more work.

No time to run, not even one mile?


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