Besides Diet & Exercise

Be the artist you know you deserve

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(photo: Even at 55 years old, we can thrive more vibrantly than people half our age.)

Could feel it before stepping on the scale. Two extra pounds gained in one day.

Seems insignificant. There is an art to optimizing the temple housing everything keeping us alive.

The art is in the daily tending.

Can you feel that difference as soon as you wake up?

What if you could?

Be the artist you know you deserve.

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Comeback 2014

On becoming lean

Buddism quote
We can control what & how much we eat. Heck yes it’s challenging & feels impossible sometimes. This is not an excuse.


We can argue, debate, doubt, or hate. But we cannot deny that hard work over time has a proportionally greater likelihood for a breakthrough.

Not working hard enough or long enough has a proportionally greater likelihood of never yielding a breakthrough.

The odds are stacked for or against the path we choose.

We have an ideal weight range. For example, let’s say 151-153 pounds.

This is a lean weight.

A lean weight that when reached and maintained is like hitting the lottery.

Came in at 157.5 this morning.

Make no small plans.

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Ever Think Like This?

Three ways to read this sign?

outlet store window sign
Could also read: Thrive you life or survive your life. No?


(photo: Orlando store window… the caption is critical to this post making sense)

The really cool thing about our struggles is that it levels the playing field.

We all have them. Tons of them.

Becoming fanatical about balance seems the only way to thrive.

Well, settling for a life of ‘survival’ is another commonly chosen option.

This is the decision the physician presented in 1999… diet and exercise.

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As You Get Older

Big change, fat chance? Heck no!

jeff noel at Disney University
Out for a jog yesterday through campus


Go big or go home?

Change our health, or go home?

Same thing.

Changing our health is going big.

So absurdly big.

Like being a teen again…. ah, 18 with 37 years experience.

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We reap what we sow is as true as it gets

Pretty direct message, no?
Top update… pretty direct message, no?


Obsessed or OCD is how less motivated folks describe dedication, discipline, and focus.

At the end of the day, the best metric to decide if we have chosen correctly is the abundance of peace in our soul, joy in our spirit, and love in our heart.

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