Take the Disney downtown train

On the walk from where i parked the bicycle, heading to the stairwell for some vertical exercise (and a view).

Biked to Disney’s Contemporary Resort to do a few flights of stairs.

Just a little something to break up the morning routine.

Needed to get away from my desk too, so i could change what i see.

When you change what you see, what you see changes.

Life’s five big choices all support each other.

It’s a beautiful, and powerful, synergy.

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.seeing .differently

Sanibel sunset June 25, 2016
Very first beach shot. Last night. Yes, my feet got wet to get this angle.


The beach is a perfect place to write. The state change from the normal daily routine is significant enough to invest money in.


State changes are key to seeing things differently.

And .seeing .differently leads to .thinking .differently




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Nine Questions

Did you go for a walk (or exercise) yesterday?

Did you eat sensibly?

Did you read anything that inspired or motivated you?

Did you think about anything that inspired or motivated you?

Did you take some sort of action, different from your usual?

Did you get adequate rest (way under-rated) yesterday?

Did you consider how you’ll stay committed until you die?

Did you have fun yesterday?

Did you do at least one thing that scared you?

Nine yes answers means you lived in the moment.  Less than that is, well, less than that.

I only got eight.  Adequate rest has been elusive.  Which reminds me, nap time.