Normal is expensive, the jeff noel insight

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Normal is expensive is another in a very long list of brilliant Hugh MacLeod – Gaping Void posts – business insights.

Let’s look at people who don’t exercise, eat decently, nor rest adequately.

It’s normal isn’t it?

Majority of Americans fit this description.

So my take is yes, normal is indeed expensive.

Different strokes (insights) for different folks.

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PS. Seth Godin, Hugh MacLeod, and Brian Clark are the three thought-leaders I have the utmost respect for. And if they ever watched a Masters Track & Field meet and experienced my 54-year old art, perhaps there’d be a kindred spirit (if there isn’t already).

Why we must persist no matter what others say or do

but, but… I have a big meeting today in New Orleans and no time to exercise

Why we must persist no matter what others say or do. Four nights in a row with eight hours sleep. Uncommon. Determined. Focused. Habit? Hope so.

We must persist in spite of all obstacles, including daily influences. If we don’t, we fail and remain part of the herd.

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Note: The herd is a metaphor for society’s beaten (and deadly) path.

The Movement Is Part Of Mid Life Celebration’s Vision To Help Baby Boomers Manage A Specific Wake Up Call

No, Not Really

jeff noel, runner, and Mid Life Celebration’s visionary leader has captured the essence of a very real and very large Baby Boomer challenge. He calls it The Movement, and contrasts it against what he calls The Herd.

The Herd is society’s beaten path. Mid Life Celebration’s The Movement is a once-in-a-lifetime second chance, a do-over. The path less chosen.

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