Lane 8 In Houston, Texas

Lane 8 is the worst lane in Track & Field, no matter what track, even in the Olympic games. The slowest competitor is assigned to Lane 8.

It's The Worst Lane, No Matter Which Track
It's The Worst Lane, No Matter Which Track

Rice University’s track, in Houston, Texas, was three blocks from my hotel.

Rice University, Houston
Rice University, Houston

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Lane 8 In Fancy Hotel?

Okay, so yesterday was a video of Jack the Bear in Mexico.  And today we find Jack in Dallas (different trip) at a nice place.

It was 20 degrees the next morning and I found the willpower to run outside at 7:00AM.  I used a pair of socks for gloves and had four layers on my upper body.

No sweatpants though, which took me back to the winter days in Pennsylvania, when a few of us would run distance runs in the snow and freezing temps, sans sweatpants.

Even found the willpower to do a core workout in the Hotel gym the night before, even though I was tired from travel.

So, here’s Jack commenting on where we stayed:

Yes it was a fancy hotel. And yes, Jack watched TV while I worked out and also when I ran in 20-degree temps. Not only is he one lucky bear, but he’s also very smart.

Lane 8 Celebrity?

Yes, and it’s not Tiger Woods.  Then who?

Jack the bear.

Jack the bear?

Yes.  Jack is our son’s teddy bear.  Our son (9) has three of the exact same bear – all gifts from family.  Fischer Price made this bear years ago, and on his collar, Fischer Price named him Jack.

Jack was my Dad’s name.  My Dad never met our son.  He passed away from early onset, rapid progression Alzheimer’s disease in 2001.

Anyway, our son lets me travel with the one with the torn ears.

What started as a cute little idea to help me feel connected to our son while I travel the globe, has turned into something a little more.  Jack is starting to report on his impressions from some of these places.

Here’s a quick one from Mexico. Take a look:

What does this have to do with exercise, fitness, health and wellness?  If I have to explain it, it won’t make sense, but it revolves around balance – the whole person, not just the body.

National Champions Texas A&M!

The 2009 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field National Champions are Texas A&M.  Go Aggies!

Not only did the Texas A&M women win the National title, but so did the Texas A&M men’s track team.

Here’s the aricle on this amazing feat that hasn’t been done since 1990.

My thoughtful wife actually saw the meet being televised.  She knows that Track & Field is the one sport I try to make time to watch.

While writing several blog posts yesterday, I was able to follow the action.  It’s always special and inspiring to me, to see something significant and rare happen.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂