At first glance, why not ease up today?

Bear grass
Bear Grass.


Knowing today is a workout day and that tomorrow (a Saturday) i arrive in Glacier National Park, today’s workout will be light normal.

The workout i do should have no bearing on the significant walking mileage the next seven days.

So the temptation to go light today has subsided.

Also, today marks the end of three-mailboxes-a-day.


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The frustrations with progress, pain, and lack of fun

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Staying healthy and overcoming obstacles happens at every level


The devil is challenging us all the time. And sometimes, more than others.

These are the most important tests we can take – the ones where the frustrations with progress, pain, and lack of fun are overwhelming evidence stacked in the devil’s favor.

Just yesterday, in the final minutes of a leisurely four-mile run, a cramp-like pain in the calf.

Crazier still, it was in the cool-down phase – an almost walking pace – just before the 800 meter cool down walk home.

Iced, stretched, ibuprofen – still hurts this morning.

No run today.

Hey devil, “Go to hell”!

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You Do Know That jeff noel Struggles With Food Temptations Like Every Other Person

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Sometimes jeff noel thinks Mid Life Celebration readers think he has uncompromising self-discipline. Hardly. We all have the same basic gifts: a brain, a body, a spirit, bills, and stuff.

jeff noel proposes that we think, we move, we feel, we earn, we organize. How we do it doesn’t matter. What matters is are we effective? If we aren’t, we have two choices – change or don’t change.

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