No run around Disneyland’s perimeter this morning

Disneyland Express bus with Lightning McQueen
Ultimately Lightning McQueen learned teamwork is everything…


No run around Disneyland’s perimeter this morning. Felt ill last night and voice is almost gone now.

This is going to make for a long day as a professional speaker.

The good news is teamwork is in our DNA.

Keep moving forward. – Walt Disney

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Rats, broke a promise yesterday, but here’s why

jeff noel, masters runner, in the snow
sometimes there are things that trump exercise, but rarely


Rats, broke a promise yesterday, and here’s why…

Thanks to Patty Hebert for letting me know that Mid Life Celebration’s five main blogs were running slower than dial-up.

Remember. How. Slow. Dial. Up. Was?

The 30 minute run was sacrificed for a 30-minute call to GoDaddy. So lucky to encounter Abby, a young and rising GoDaddy star.

In less than two hours, before arriving at the airport even, everything (90 domains) was migrated from shared hosting to web hosting.

Back to Usain Bolt fast.

Life’s first two big choices covered for today, now the third big choice gets it’s shot here.