Staying Motivated

One of the million ways to get and stay motivated

High School daily calendar announcements
Planning to attend the Track & Field meet at 3:15pm today. The 13 seniors are part of our Son’s graduating class.

One of the million ways to get and stay motivated is to find a team or sport and become a lifelong fan.

Favorite team is Team USA.

Favorite sport, Women’s and Men’s Track and Field.

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Comeback 2015

Thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

WMA official Team USA gear
WMA = World Masters Athletics.


WMA official Team USA gear
Official Team USA gear arrived yesterday.


Stopped running four days ago. And won’t be running the next five days while visiting Glacier National Park.

Will nine days no running be enough to shake this undiagnosed right calf pain?

Is there still hope in wearing the Team USA jersey that arrived yesterday?

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Besides Diet & Exercise

Do we have something we can be a part of for a long time to come?

USATF homepage welcome
Do you have something you can be a part of for a long time to come?


Do we have something we can be a part of for a long time to come?

What if we did?

Could it change everything?

What’s the benefit to belonging to some sort of community or club or cause?

What’s the downside (or upside) of not?

It’s our choice and only our choice.

We know this.

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Wrong Is Easier

Doing it wrong is easier than doing it right.  You can screw it up by doing it wrong.

And doing it wrong, is as easy as doing nothing.

Ya with me?  Let me say that again.  Doing it wrong is as easy as doing nothing.

Doing nothing is easy.  Maybe that’s why so many do nothing.  Doing it right, is hard work.

The people who do work hard are also tempted to do nothing.  Most don’t believe this, but it’s true.

Take me for example.  Last night I made plans to run five miles this morning.  Instead, I’ve made a few rationalizations so I can do nothing instead.  Actually, I’m very busy this morning.  But not physically.

And so it goes….


Lane 8 You Tube video virus

It’s amazing how difficult it is to stay focused over the long haul.

We’ve all seen people get motivated, set, and then achieve big health goals.  And then some time later, they fail.  They regress, almost predictably.

There’s a missing link. Staying there.

That’s where I come in. You will see, from my own struggle in real time, the simple secrets to long-term success. It amazes me how viral the right thing can become.

But you’re gonna have to want to follow. I can’t make you.  It’s completely up to you.  Always has been. Always will be.  Dream big. Get there.  STAY THERE!

Bonus: Another Lane 8 You Tube video found and placed in cyberspace – Australian Masters Athletics website.