Age means nothing and exercise gets unfairly criticized

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Motivation IS Oxygen – without purpose we are doomed


The 70-something woman who has never exercised commented last night that she has much more energy after her physical therapy sessions.

Afterwards she has the energy to do four or five errands – something previously unheard of.

For five weeks she’s been going to therapy to strengthen her legs because in five days she is having knee replacement surgery.

The stereotype is that exercise makes us tired.

Guess again.

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Comeback 2013 update.

Dr Jorge Florin is exceptional, and the same age as jeff noel
Dr Jorge Florin is exceptional, and the same age as jeff noel


Comeback 2013 update. Ran 18 minutes without stopping yesterday. One and a half miles.

This morning no run, although there is a bit of a race…

To get everyone and everything in the car by 6am.

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Wishing you the best today, and a really nice carrot

Get healthy quick promises
An honest question, how many folks who sign up for this are still exercising five years later?


The real goal of wanting, and becoming qualified and brave enough, to go Nationals is simply this:

A carrot to keep moving forward.

That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is in being unable to run that the true nature of why I run becomes so crystal clear.

Wishing you the best today, and a really nice carrot.

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Health is wealth is such an understatement

Two post inguinal hernia repair surgery medications
The hospital was very wise, they knew I’d need both these bottles, desperately


The things we take for granted until we don’t have them – walking, getting in and out of bed, bowel movements.

When you’re bedridden, the extent of exercise consists of getting in and out of bed, especially when you’ve been given a narcotic to mask the pain, it’s decently serious.

Having a daily routine that can not be performed, well, it quickly becomes a major issue. Thank goodness for the second bottle.

Second day of recovery, went for a 200 meter walk (end of street and back). I asked Cheryl, “Have you ever seen me walk this slow”. She smiled and half-laughed, “No!”.

Insight: The hard work of exercise is worth every invisible, non-obvious, taken-for-granted benefit it provides.

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