Amazing Grace At The Gym?

Whether or not you go to a gym is inconsequential.  It doesn’t matter.


Because who cares where you exercise?  Really.  Who cares?  No one. Maybe you care, but in reality, no one cares.

So what’s the point then?

Simply this – if you have the capability to exercise and don’t, aren’t you forfeiting one of the most amazing graces ever bestowed on you?

Lane 8 Flashback

It’s 5AM, November 17, 2009 here in Orlando, Florida. I write five blogs every single day. Adidas has a tag line, “Impossible is Nothing“!

Nike has one too, “I’ve Got Soul“.  It’s even a You Tube video.  It’s what I’m I’m craving right now – a little soul.

That video, even though it’s only 63 seconds, never fails to inspire me. How many days, and how many ways, do you inspire yourself before you ever walk out your front door?

Seriously, how many?  Hey, you don’t owe me an answer. You’ll never owe me anything. But I challenge you to challenge yourself and ask, “What do I owe myself?