How Much Is Enough?

Getting stronger, an inch at a time

Gym lockers
This may be the last week i wear a sweatshirt to walk to the gym. For the next seven months, the morning low is unlikely to dip below 70 degrees.

Getting stronger, an inch at a time. 

Being a distance runner in flat terrain doesn’t make your legs strong. Yes, you gain leg stamina, but leg strength is acquired differently.

Muscle strength is helpful at all ages, and especially advantageous in your post-50 years.

Without stressing out about it or pushing myself, i’ve slowly and steadily increased what used to be my maximum weight on the final of three sets of 10 leg curls to the first set’s weight.

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Dear Son

You don’t realize how strong you were until you stop

Glacier National Park hike
Random photo from 2016 visit.


You don’t realize how strong you were until you stop.

A left shoulder injury two months ago, cause unknown, has eliminated several key upper-body exercises, namely pullups and pushups.

In just 60 days, i can feel the atrophy.

Now, imagine if the atrophy was from two years instead of two months.

Or how about two decades.

One of the million reasons we need to find our motivation to stay strong.

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This website is about our BODY. To read today’s post about our SPIRIT, click here.



It came out of his mouth because he was pushed

jeff noel at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
World class business strategies can work anywhere and for anyone, even personal health


One was doing a plank using a sturdy chair on one side and a sturdy table on the other.

The other quickly came over and said, dude, that’s not safe.

The first one finished the plank and then said, dude, this wouldn’t be safe for you, but for a world class athlete, not a problem.

Upon hearing the words come out of his mouth, in defense of his behavior – he had a profound moment.

Keeping a lid on your strengths builds a great defense, should one ever be required… or if one is simply triggered by an inaccurate stereotype and you’re feeling like you’ve had enough.

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May strength, endurance, and flexibility overwhelm your body today

ignoring facts doesn't change them
ignoring facts doesn’t change them

‘Tis the season to be jolly… And strong, fit, and flexible. The best gift you can ever give yourself and those you love is the gift of health.

Don’t worry about how long it will take. Time will pass anyway.

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Impossible Is For Amateurs

Not Even

A Decade To Make The USA Team
A Decade To Make The USA Team

If you’re like most people, you’re set in your ways. You talk about change, and you can easily see what others need to change, and in fact, you openly talk about those people behind their back, not because you’re mean, but simply because you are weak.

Courageous people anger others. Courageous people don’t intend that anymore than you do. We are all human, and therefore, we succumb to temptation long before we are willing to fight the good fight.

If you don’t fight for your health, who will?

If you don’t start fighting for your health today, then when?

So, as you watched yesterday’s You Tube video, rather than see some old guy showing off, remember that I couldn’t even get my legs to parallel for one second. Not even one second. Are you paying attention?

There is hope for you, but you must do two things. See you tomorrow.