Last time for everything

Last time i sat here and paused to count my blessings.

Last time for everything is a music video by Brad Paisley.

It’s also a long list for most people:

  • Last time i exercised
  • Last time i ate ice cream
  • Last time i touched my toes without knees bent
  • Last time i slept well, for a year straight
  • Last time i walked everywhere
  • Last time i flossed
  • Last time i did 10 pull ups in a row
  • Last time i could comfortably wear my high school clothes
  • Last time i rode a bicycle to the grocery store
  • Last time i started the day without writing five daily blogs

Stuff adds up quick, don’t it?

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The End Of Illness?

The warehouse storage room for daily common sense applications is almost empty.

Last night on ABC evening news David Agus, MD’s new book, The End Of Illness, was a featured segment. David is the person Lance Armstrong, Ted Kennedy and Steve Jobs trusted to help them extend their lives.

His premise is that good living is the cure for illness, not some yet to be discovered cure. Prevention through healthy living. This could be groundbreaking (*grin*).

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Studying Health Is Futile

Ran only once last week. It was the best I could do. Life may slow you down, but don’t let life make you stop…

Action without study is fatal. Study without action is futile. – Mary Ritter Beard

Action is required. Plain and simple. You can accept this fact, but not until you act on it will your life move in a positive, more healthy direction.

This will be one of the biggest, and longest, challenges of your life.

Tell me you are worth it, and mean it.

And by mean it, show us.

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Pain In The

World Championships Gold Medal
World Championships Gold Medal

Have you ever had something really important or “big” in your life, a long-time dream perhaps, where you where getting close to the end of your journey?

And you were so close you could see the glorious end in sight, but then the unthinkable happened.

How did you deal with it?  Did it work out for you?

Where you forced to compromise? Or maybe (gasp), quit?

Pain in the as foot.

Pain in my left foot. Still.

It plagued me during the August Master’s Track & Field World Championships. In fact, it has bothered me all year.

In the Spring, it seemed to be a dominant topic at Lane 8.

By June however, I pretty much had stopped writing about the pain, but not because it went away.

Eventually, I had to suck it up and do what needed to be done to make it happen.

In Finland, it didn’t turn out the way I had dreamed, but that’s the beautiful lesson – nothing turns out the way we dream.

It’s either better or worse, but never the same.

Why All These Questions?

Why do you exercise?

Why don’t you exercise?

Why do you eat such a healthy diet?

Why do you eat such junk food?

How long will you be able to maintain this routine?

When are you going to start?

What motivates you?

What are you afraid of?

Why?  When?  Where? Who?  How?

If you can’t answer these for yourself, then who else do you think is going to answer them?  No one?

No one! (exclamation mark)

One last question.

“Doesn’t this scare the heck out of you?”