You are poised for sub-seven

Running pace for one mile
The 1600 meter time was 7:20. The 6:36 was for 1200 meters. Notice the 3 consecutive laps with negative splits.


Heads up, this will likely be confusing to non-runners. Sorry.

Here’s the breakdown of your 7:20 mile yesterday…

  • 0:56    0-200 meters
  • 1:56    200-600 meters
  • 1:55    600-1000 meters
  • 1:49    1000-1400 meters
  • 0:44   1400-1600 meters
  • 7:20  final

Important to note: your combined 400 time for your first and last 200 meters was 1:40.

Also note your final 200 was by far your fastest at :44 seconds.

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Didn’t start out thinking negative splits

Map My Run screen shot
Yesterday, didn’t start out thinking negative splits, it just happened.


Since i missed Monday’s run (an intentional miss because of work), during yesterday’s run i was more rested going into it.

i only run M-W-F, by the way.

In the process, the run turned into eight consecutively faster (negative) splits. The final mile is always a slow, cool down mile.

i had to smile at what blossomed from nothing. i had intended to have a leisurely pace the entire way.

On the eight mile, i wondered if i could go sub-eight minutes, without overdoing it.

No problem.




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You can make a lot of progress if you do this one thing

Map My Run mile splits screen shot jeff noel
Mile five was a big surprise yesterday.


You can make a lot of progress if you do this one thing:

Keep making slow and steady progress.

In yesterday’s 7-mile run, edit out the first slow warmup mile, and the last two slower cool down miles.

What’s in the middle is the real story. Four progressively faster miles.

And it is the last mile in the official workout (excluding warmup/cool down) that the real story comes alive.

Dropping a 6:23 on the final mile.


A seriously delightful surprise.

Quite motivating.

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And figure out how to scale it for a lifetime

screen shot of mile split
We can not improve what we do not measure (one mile split)


Ten days into the new year. Lots of running at Walt Disney World.

It’s awesome that so many people find this four-day event motivating and stimulating.

  • day 1:  3.1
  • day 2:  6.2
  • day 3:  13.1
  • day 4:  26.2

Nearly 50 miles some will run.

Ran five this morning with second mile in 6:07.

Rusty, but will take it.

Find a million ways to stay motivated.

And figure out how to scale it for a lifetime.


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His attitude and preparation allowed him to nail it

Starting line for 1500m… two hours before the race… traffic (and heart rate) was much different by race time…

starting line

Did his midlife attitude and preparation allow him to nail it? The 50-something Baby Boomer had a mental plan:

  • 400 in 1:28 (88 sec lap)
  • 800 in 2:55 (87 sec lap)
  • 1200 in 4:20 (85 sec lap)
  • 1500 in 5:20 or better (60 sec or better final 300m)

The reality…

  • 400 in 1:24 (84 sec lap)
  • 800 in 2:51 (87 sec lap)
  • 1200 in 4:20 (89 sec lap)
  • 1500 in 5:18 (58 sec final 300m)

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