Do You Need To Borrow My

Common Sense, Not Common Practice
Common Sense, Not Common Practice

Do you need to borrow my reading glasses?

Did yesterday’s Lane 8 blog post mean anything to you?

When are people going to stop searching for the silver bullet and just get over it?

The only way to reach your health goals is through hard work.  Period.

This news won’t make me popular, but it does make me healthier.

You’re getting this right?  I mean, I’m not some genius with a revolutionary new idea.

I simply bring you common sense, which has to become common practice. Ya with me?  Excellent!

Keep Your Goals Very Small

Start Small and Never Stop
Start Small and Never Stop

What the?  Keep my goals very small?  Didn’t you say to dream big?

Didn’t you say, “If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.”


And maybe the challenge for many people, including you, is that your definition of impossible is inaccurate.

When I started running 11 years ago, my impossible goal wasn’t to run in the Master’s Track & Field World Championships.

It also wasn’t to run one mailbox a day for a week, and then two mailboxes a day the second week and so on.

It was to get started and never stop.

One day at a time.  Get started and never quit.  Never quit, one day at a time – this is what I mean by very small goals.

Do you see the difference?