Lesson learned the easy way

Lesson learned the easy way.  What? Was thinking that bi-annual (every 6 months) dermatology skin checkups are overkill. Once a year should be fine. Six months ago, no pre-cancerous areas. Yesterday, four. •  •  •  •  • This website is about our BODY. To read today’s post about our SPIRIT, click here. If you want to stay on […]

Thank you Windermere Dermatology

  Seven pillars to thriving health. Cardio, strength, nutrition (aka diet), flexibility, core, rest, and motivation. There is a second tier. Organs, natural aging, and disease. Skin is an organ. Couple days ago found an unusually shaped and dark mole “hidden” in my hair near the temple. Made an appointment with Elisa. It was nothing but a seborrheic […]