Subtract physically

The wild insists you be physically capable.
Mountains and a small Pixar toy
The wild expects you to bring your own fun.

Subtract physically.

Less is more.

Take only what you need, only what you can carry.

Everything else is non-essential.

Shed what distracts or complicates.

Subtract foods, distractions, friends, and activities that keep the main things from being the main things.

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April Fools Day 2018 is another new beginning

Disney screen shot
New gym. New routine, What will be lost? What will be gained?


April Fools Day 2018 (yesterday) is another new beginning.

After 26 years of living in our current home, we finally have a gym one mile away.

And after 12 years driving 25 miles round trip to Golds Gym, the commute is down to two miles.

Making uncomfortable choices is a big part of controlling our thoughts.

Make being uncomfortable your comfort zone.



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Don’t Complicate Things

Simplified or Paralyzed?
Simplified or Paralyzed?

One of the secrets I’ve learned is that it’s better to simply get started and do, rather than worry and wait.

Yeah, at risk with a business card as “unprofessional” as this is that people won’t take you seriously.

However, what’s also at risk with some really slick, professional business cards is they will also get neglected, not because they aren’t professional, but rather because they’re boring.

Many people think if they do things a certain way, then everything else will fall into place.

Maybe. If you work for an established organization.

And maybe if all the critical tools and resources – marketing, legal, human resources, community relations, public relations, media relations, finance, advertising, hiring, organizational structure, vision, mission, brand, etc – have long been established.

Maybe, but, if you’ve ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur, you are in for a rude awakening.

Same goes for health.

Here’s to hoping your phone never rings in 2010 with this, “Honey, it’s for you. It’s your wake-up call.”