Life is full of disappointment and crushed dreams

American Flag at Chimney Rock
Two days ago at Chimney Rock.


Today i begin the official process of canceling my flight to Lyon, France. Scheduled to leave in six days.

It’s not gonna happen.

i will not be able to represent the United States of America in the M55-59 age group at the 2015 Masters Track & Field World Championships.

Life is full of disappointment and crushed dreams. It’s our job to find the blessings in the ashes.

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It’s one set back after another, just like in nature

Foot pain diagram
No pain from any joints. Pain is one digit up, but between the middle toes.


It’s one set back after another, just like in nature. Study nature long enough and you learn a brutal truth. Nature is survival of the fittest. Everything else gets eaten in due time.

The newest foot pain is driving him crazy because he knows exactly where it’s located, but there are no visible signs on the skin’s surface for him or his Podiatrist to see, and take action on.


And yet he knows this too shall pass.

But why did it have to happen now?

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Unforeseen setbacks are part of the deal

Disney Wellness Keynote Speakers
Gold’s Gym abdominal incline bench.


Unforeseen setbacks are part of the deal. Will visit the podiatrist this morning, without an appointment, hoping to be seen by Dr Wagner.

Most likely a tiny cyst putting excruciating pain on the ball of the foot.

No 10-miler today.


Was planning, after a few warmup miles, on a one-mile time trial – the foundation of speed work.

Nationals are in four months. No time to waste.

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Temptation lurks everywhere

iPhone stopwatch mile time
Can a 55-year old run one mile in 5:11?


Ever feel like you’ve finally overcome the last of a long list of set backs only to get the subtle feeling a new, unexpected set back is brewing?

Achilles tendon has been sore for three weeks.

Just as the intensity was amping up for comeback 2014.


What should do we do when temptation lurks everywhere?

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Falling behind with the 2014 comeback

Jack the Bear at Disneyland entrance
Not even time to walk outside after room service dinner


Second unintentional no-run morning. Why? Lost voice yesterday and focused on rest over exercise.


Falling behind with the 2014 comeback.

This is what balance helps with…

Not worrying too much about these constant curve balls.

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