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Too Bad There's Not An Express Lane For Self-Discipline
Too Bad There's Not An Express Lane For Self-Discipline

People are very often annoyed by people who know where they are going. It’s easy to hate people who are focused and have enormous self-discipline. Isn’t it? I mean, what part of that is hard?

Those self-motivated go-givers are always having things go their way.

They get all the breaks.

And they have none of the challenges we have. Right?

Truth be told, their lives might be more challenging than yours.

It’s just that they’ve figured out that the two choices we all get to make are the two choices in yesterday’s post.

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If your goal isn’t impossible, why?

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If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough. That’s what I think. That’s how I stay motivated.

The following insight is from a West Chester University graduate, my former college roommate, United States Marine, Husband, Father, and a man who understands what common sense means. Skip Gaskill also understands what self-discipline means. And it is an honor to introduce you to Skip now.  Skip, take it away:

“What characteristic is it that many of us lack on our journey to achieve excellence?

The self-discipline to stick to our chosen paths.

Why?  Because it is often too hard, too difficult, too painful, or downright inconvenient.  Do you compromise your integrity for convenience sake?  Do you rationalize your decision when you know you’re wrong to do so?

Self-discipline means doing the right thing when no one else is looking.  My kids think I’m “Goofy” (pun intended) for driving the extra half mile instead of making an illegal u-turn.  I choose to set the example for my children.

Lack of self-discipline can be conquered if you really want to improve yourself.  Start small, take baby steps if necessary.  You will have great joy and should be proud of yourselves when you actually accomplish one of your goals because you had the self-discipline to see it through.

Whether it is running a marathon, quitting smoking, eating better, or being a better person, self-discipline is a key ingredient in the recipe for excellence!”