So easy to judge, so difficult to keep up

Funny produce signs
Peaches and nectarines – tree ripened? What a concept.


So easy to judge (like the sign above), so difficult to keep up. So here’s a theory.

Until we become incredibly healthy – because it’s a no brainer this is important and extraordinarily beneficial – perhaps we shouldn’t criticize anyone, about anything.


That’s my goal.

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When nirvana visits us, will we recognize it?

jeff noel professional speaker at Orange County Convention Center
Caught myself having to NOT run while delivering a huge keynote speech yesterday


When nirvana visits us, will we recognize it?

Nirvana finally arrives tomorrow.

Are we waiting for nirvana?

Can we taste it?

Have we given up on it?

Nirvana is not a moment, it is the constant consciousness of our most profound blessings.

Like the ability to run.

And the past two weeks living in a country that has world class medical care.

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