Cravings and habits are synonymous

Apples are great right now. Blueberries from South America are coming into season too. Pictured are jumbo (left) and regular.


Fresh fruit at the peak of ripeness is my go-to defense against sugar cravings (habits).

Apples from Washington State are really coming into season.

By the way, rationalizing that sweets are justifiable because we work so hard, etc, etc, is also a habit.

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Does exercise have seasons?

Ashton Eaton
Aston Eaton, Olympic Decathlon Champion.


Does exercise have seasons?

If you stay with exercise long enough, you realize it has seasons.

The seasons have varying lengths and intensity and there is no advance notice when a new one arrives.

It just happens. How long it will last is unknown.

Let’s just say, Spring has arrived.

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