How Much Is Enough?

i didn’t want to stop

Magic Kingdom Main Entrance photo at Christmas
Arrived at 8am yesterday.


Map My Run screen shot
To Magic Kingdom and back yesterday morning.


i didn’t want to stop running yesterday, but i knew there was no need to push it. It’s the off-season, winter, time to just be.




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The great summer of 2012

So yeah, I missed the first “race” of the season

personal greatness
Yes, YOU are awesome. For real. Please believe it.

So yeah, I missed the first “race” of the season. A local 10k was also sponsoring a 2-miler. Perfect. Two miles. Sounded fun since I’ve never run a 2-miler in competition before. Jet lag, falling behind with home chores and family time, I opted not to drive 30 miles before the sun came up.

Good call. Remember, the message in these little daily tales is we have the same challenges. Find a million ways to keep going. Check?

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