Slow Lane Sunday?

Slow Lane Sunday?

OK, so yesterday morning, as I’m jogging out of our neighborhood, a dear friend and long-time neighbor was walking her two dogs.

This neighbor attended our Son’s first Holy Communion on April 25.  She had dinner with us that night, along with my In-Laws from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The day before I had just broken the news to my Mother-In-Law that I’d be going to Finland for the Master’s Track & Field World Championships.   She was surprised, of course, and also skeptical.

While celebrating our Son’s major accomplishment, we spoke of many things during that dinner.

Eventually, Finland came up.  I saw it as an opportunity to share a vision of why I am going.  My Son completely gets it.  My wife is right there too.  My In-Laws and my neighbor, not even close.

I had to tell you that so I can tell you this:

Yesterday my neighbor asked, “How’s your training coming?  Are you still going to Finland?”

Here’s the point.  Without even hesitating I replied, “Yes, even if I have to walk around the track!”

That had a haunting revelation, to hear myself say those words.

This is bigger than anything I can explain.  At a gut level, I’m so invested in it, that seeing it through, no matter what the obstacles, is the only course of action

This scares the heck out of me.  Talk about pressure and second-guessing yourself.

Than why?

It’s a platform, a metaphor, a challenge, a childhood dream reborn, a legacy, an impossible goal.

It’s all that.

My son will remember this long after I’m gone.  I hope he will find strength and determination, in my strength and determination.

On Friday a colleague and I were talking about exercise and I asked if he was still running.  He said no.  He explained that it’s too difficult for him to get motivated. 

I suggested his reason to exercise wasn’t compelling enough.  Maybe if he was doing it to show his kids that getting old doesn’t mean you have to get overweight and out of shape.

PS.  Make it a GREAT day. 

PSS.  I booked the flight to Helsinki last night.  🙂


Will Friday Be Fast?

I sure hope so.

Had active rest the past to days, meaning, no exercising.  Not even any stretching.  Complete rest.

I just applied 4 grams of Voltaren Gel to my left foot.  It’s an anti-inflammatory that Dr. Wagner, my podiatrist, has prescribed as another means of attacking this ever present heel pain.

Also picked up a new foot splint at Hanger Prosthetics yesterday.  I sleep with one on both feet.  After awhile, you get used to them.

So anyway,  I’m very excited about running five miles this morning.

Better get going, the sun’s about to rise. Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂


Web MD Great Wellness, Fitness Site

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Do you think you pay attention?


Do you really think you do?

It scares me to think about my blind spots.

Blind spots?

Yes.  Like my health.  My finances.  My spirit.   My intellect.

It’s so tempting to be so busy that the really important things get neglected.


Maybe it’s just easier for me to not have to think about my deficiencies, particularly self-control and will power.

Hey, I don’t have the answers.  But I do have one thing.

Know what it is?

It’s a young boy I want to be an excellent example for.

I want to overcome all the crap and excuses many people, including me, make.  

All I can do is try and bust my hump.

I’d rather try with all my might and fail, than not try.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂


Damn the Doubt!

Damn the Doubt!

First pain, then doubt.

Add in the underlying concern about expenses in both time and money, not only to travel to Finland, but the constant preparation.

It does wear on me.  A lot of things wear on humans.  We are all carrying a heavy load.

Yesterday’s “walk, stretch, slow jog, stretch combo”, for about 35 minutes, was relatively pain free.

A far cry from the previous day.  This added some hope, to what could have been a hopeless day.

Heading out for another run before Church, so I better get going. 

Make it a GREAT Sunday, because if you don’t, who will?  If not today, when?  Seriously!  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

Ever Think Like This?

Masters Track and Lane 8?

Yesterday, I had such a busy morning, I couldn’t find time to run, before taking our son to school on the way to the airport.

After my arrival at Hartford, Connecticut, I had the chance to do an easy 35 minute run.

Some left heel pain right away, so I jogged backwards for a couple minutes and that helped.  It usually does.  Not much pain while running.  Afterwards, during the evening, my foot was sore.

And so it goes.

Hope this doesn’t sound like complaining, because complaining is the opposite of my intent.

It’s meant to be a reality check, to the difficulties in this microcosm of life.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  Primarily because I need to purchase the plane ticket soon.

Using the creative approaches to challenges, I quickly thought of a “PLAN B”.

Enter the 1,500 meters.

Once I’m warmed up, I can run a very decent mile pace.  Which is why the 1,500 would be a good back up.

It is still unknown if I can get up on my toes, and shift into overdrive for some serious acceleration (for a 50-year old).  🙂

I emailed, and then spoke to, the USATF representative and had the 1,500 added to my 2009 Master’s World Championships profile.

I’ve run a near All-American standard of excellence time, and by August, should be an unlikely long shot to do well for Team USA.

It’s amazing the confidence and reassurance one can gain with a Plan B.

Plan B or not, hope you have a GREAT and Healthy day.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂